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The scheme of medical treatment for cataract is not well developed because the biochemical mechanisms of the pathogenesis of this disease has not been fully elucidated. Mainly in the initial stages of the disease using solutions of various vitamins. The most effective is by far the surgical treatment, which consists in the extraction (buy kamagra usa) lens technology with the use of microsurgery, which gives the best eye care and cosmetic results.
In recent years, widely used ultrasonic and laser methods of surgical treatment of cataracts. Erectile dysfunction is used as a temporary means of facilitating the patient’s condition and delays lens opacity. tablets are placed on the temporal region at 2 copies of generic kamagra.


Iritis – inflammation of the iris, caused by infection or toxic-allergic process. Infections are caused by iritis spread of pathogenic processes in various infectious diseases – tuberculosis, syphilis, inflammation of tonsils, dental caries, sinus lesions, herpes, etc. By toxic-allergic processes in the vascular layer of the eye may cause metabolic disease, rheumatic fever and chronic polyarthritis. Iritis is often accompanied by conjunctivitis.
Distinguish chronic and acute iritis. For chronic iritis is characterized by symptoms such as feeling debris eyes and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyeball to buy kamagra online. The main symptom of acute iritis is a sharp pain in the eye, aggravated by exposure to bright light. Gradually, the patient develops a fear of light, the iris becomes pinkish eyes, the pupil narrows. In some cases the shape of the pupil changes.
In most cases, iritis, iridocyclitis goes in, ie, the inflammatory process extends to the ciliary (kamagra online) body. Iridocyclitis complications are secondary glaucoma, imperforate pupil, vitreous opacities. Severe cases end in atrophy of the eyeball. Diagnosis is made with the use of biomicroscopy of the eye.

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